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Learn About Our Hair Restoration Procedures in Denver and Las Vegas

Losing your hair can significantly alter your overall appearance, often leaving you feeling self-conscious or unlike yourself. Instead of living with this feeling, why not find a professional who can help you restore your hair? The team at ReGrow is here to help you do just that. We offer a number of hair restoration procedures at both our Denver and Las Vegas locations. Whether you have thinning hair on your scalp, are unable to grow facial hair, or have thinning eyebrows, we have a solution to assist you in achieving your hair regrowth goals. We offer our clients free online consultations to assess their hair loss and determine the best method forward. Contact us today to set up a time.

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Hair Restorations for Everyone

Our hair restoration experts can help nearly everyone restore their hair, regardless of their age or gender. With many years of experience, our team has the expertise to provide effective procedures that produce superior results. We’ve performed countless hair transplant procedures in Denver and Las Vegas and will continue to do so.  Contact us today to learn more.

Follicular Unit Extraction

This procedure removes small follicular units from the donor site and places them in the area where the client desires more hair. FUE can be used to create a natural-looking hairline and to fill in thinning areas to improve hair density.

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Injection Therapy Hair Regeneration

Using the natural powers of injection therapy into thinning or bald areas to stimulate new hair growth. The process is very quick and can be completed in our office in as little as 15 minutes.

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Facial Hair Restoration

Many factors can result in the inability to grow facial hair. Whether yours is caused by genetics, age, surgical scarring, or an illness, our team has a solution to help you. You’ll be able to grow sideburns, a beard, goatee, or mustache with our help.

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Eyebrow Restoration

Over-plucking, frequent waxing, and age can all contribute to the loss of eyebrow hair. Our team can restore the growth of this important facial feature using a variety of techniques. Feel confident in your appearance with our help.

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